Preparing for an autumn running event is the best way to build on your summer training. If running a race is on your to-do list this fall, consider using the following targets to create personal goals.

Choose Your Race Day Goals

The two big milestones for runners are either distance or time. So this autumn, you could aim for a longer distance or try to beat an old personal best. 

Going underneath a landmark time in a famous distance is one target you could set. You could build an entire training plan to achieve these times:

If you set one of these times as your target on the Runkeeper app, it can generate a customized running plan that helps you achieve it. 

See how you can create a unique running plan

It’s usually best to focus on either time or distance – that way you can totally concentrate on your own race strategy. If you’re aiming for your first marathon, completing it successfully is more important than beating a landmark time.

How to Create Targets

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