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ASICS has overcome the challenge of maintaining effective cushioning in a lightweight shoe. It took the ASICS Institute of Sports Science three years in development and 300 individual prototypes to engineer our lightest, most responsive cushioning system ever — and provide you the ultimate feeling of flight. Used for the first time ever in its purest form in DynaFlyte™ running shoes, the full-length FlyteFoam™ midsole delivers lightweight and highly functional cushioning.

DynaFlyte™ Midsole - Lightweight Ride

Lightweight Ride

FlyteFoam™ is the lightest cushioning material ASICS has ever made, 55% lighter than the industry standard (EVA)

DynaFlyte™ with FlyteFoam™ - Continuous Cushioning

Continuous Cushioning

Reinforced fibers allow the FlyteFoam™ material to bounce back to its original shape after every run

DynaFlyte™ Outsole - Soft Landing

Soft Landing

FlyteFoam™ technology offers unmatched cushioning making it feel like you're not even touching the ground