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Go further with GEL-KAYANO® – our pinnacle running shoe for the last 27 years! Over the years the ASICS’ Institute of Sport Science has discovered many incredible materials to advance the level of sport and running.  Many of those achievements come together to form the GEL-KAYANO® model, one of the world’s most loved collections of running shoes.  

What is the benefit of the GEL-KAYANO® shoe? The GEL-KAYANO® model is the true long-distance model shoe that sets the highest standard and receives the latest ASICS technology innovations with each and every model. One of our most popular long-distance running shoes, the GEL-KAYANO® model is designed for stability with support and durability in mind. With gender specific cushioning it is a trusted distance shoe for men and women alike. With its springy, supportive sole, you get maximum comfort while avoiding the pain and rubbing that comes when you are pushing yourself through those extra miles. Whether you are an experienced athlete or looking to step up your game, GEL-KAYANO® running shoes will help you go further in complete comfort and style. We are constantly improving and enhancing the collection, and the ASICS GEL-KAYANO® is our springiest, most responsive and easy to control shoes yet.

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