November 11–22

Join runners around the world in a virtual marathon-distance relay race, inspired by the Japanese Ekiden.

ASICS World Ekiden 2020
Nov 11, 2020


Discover the exhilarating challenge and team-on-team rivalry of the Japanese Ekiden—virtually. Start a team of up to six runners and get ready to compete with teams from all over the world as you run a marathon, leg by leg.


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Ready? Create or join a team of up to six runners. Each teammate will run between 5K and 10K, totaling the marathon distance.

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In the Ekiden relay, it's all about teamwork. Use the ASICS Runkeeper™ app to stay close to your team with challenges and training plans. Plus, you can track your run on the day.



Time to leave it all on the course. Virtually log your leg of the race in the app between November 11 and 22. Work hard and run fast as you strive to pass the virtual tasuki to your teammate!


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Finishers will get a place on our global leaderboard & unlock access to exclusive rewards. Share your results with friends and family on social, and don’t forget to tag #ASICSWorldEkiden!

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Get ready for the ASICS World Ekiden 2020 with the ASICS Runkeeper™ app. Complete our latest challenge, the Road to the Ekiden, and unlock an exclusive OneASICS™ reward.*

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Prepare for the race with confidence in performance-ready running shoes—from ultra-supportive to bouncy and fast-feeling.



ASICS World Ekiden 2020


How many runners can compete on an Ekiden team?

Ekiden teams are traditionally made up of six team members; however, smaller teams can participate in the ASICS World Ekiden 2020. (If you choose to run with fewer than six team members, some runners will need to complete multiple legs by registering and joining the team more than once.) All six distance spots must be filled and tracked in the ASICS Runkeeper™ app in order to complete the relay.

How do I view my team and track their progress?

You can keep track of your team's progress in the ASICS Runkeeper™ app. Once you're in the app, navigate to the Explore tab and select Races. Tap on ASICS World Ekiden 2020 to view your teammates' current statuses ("completed," "not started" or "in progress").

How do I track my virtual run and record my results?

Track your Ekiden run in real time using the ASICS Runkeeper™ app. When you're ready to start your leg of the race, open the app on your mobile device, navigate to the Explore tab then Races, select ASICS World Ekiden 2020, and tap "Track race now." Now you're ready to run! Once your distance is completed, hit "Stop" in the Runkeeper™ app and save the run. Your completed leg will automatically be posted to the ASICS World Ekiden 2020 results page.

How do I view the leaderboard and my team results?

Starting November 11, leaderboard results will be updated in real time here. Results are not official until the race window has closed on November 22, 2020.

I already have the ASICS Runkeeper™ app. Can I register there?

Yes, you can register for the ASICS World Ekiden 2020 directly in the Runkeeper™ app. Navigate to the Explore tab and select Races, then "Register now" for the ASICS World Ekiden 2020 event to complete the registration process from your device. Once completed, your registration will automatically populate in the ASICS World Ekiden 2020 event in the Races tab.

Can I track my Ekiden run while using a fitness tracker or watch?

Yes, your run can be tracked using an Apple Watch, Garmin or Fitbit! First, make sure your device is paired with the ASICS Runkeeper™ app (more details here), then complete your Ekiden run using your device.

Once completed, in the Runkeeper™ app, navigate to the Explore tab and select "Races." Tap on "ASICS World Ekiden 2020." Select "Link recent activity" under "Track race now." Select your recently completed activity and your results will be posted automatically.

For questions about the ASICS World Ekiden 2020 including how to register, how the virtual race will work, or where you can find the leader board view our FAQs here.