Dr. Metzl speaking to crowd of people.

Dr. Jordan Metzl

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Dr. Metzl in his medical office he is posing for photo with nurse.

Hi, I'm Dr. Metzl

I’m a sports medicine physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, where I’ve cared for more than 25,000 patients over my 20 year career. 

Every day in my office I care for all types of athletes, from 8-year-old gymnasts just starting out to 80-year-olds who are running marathons. The common factor among all my patients is they’re looking to return to their field of choice. It’s my job to keep them healthy.

Running Medicine

Follow along with Dr. Metzl's weekly webinar series. Special guests join Dr. Metzl to offer advice on running during our new normal. 

Dr. Metzl speaking to crowd during IronStrength workout.


At a time when more people than ever are running, but when many gyms are closed or have limited capacity, we want to keep you healthy and strong. ASICS has partnered with Dr. Jordan Metz to provide a strength workout for runners of all levels. This body weight IronStrengh workout can be done twice per week, anytime, anywhere. There’s no equipment necessary. Do these exercises weekly and you’ll move with less pain and more efficiency.

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