Starts as GT-2000 7 Women's shoe close up, pans out to man running in GT-2000 7 and female joins him.

0:00:03.00, 0:00:04.00

Close up of Women's GT-2000 7

0:00:04.775, 0:00:05.795

Dynamic movements of man and woman. (High Knees, Running, Stretching, Shoe Tying)

0:00:06.00, 0:00:09.575

Copy overlay of Shift Your Run. Shift is written over men's image of men's close up GT-2000 7. Your is written over image of woman running. Run is written over image of man and woman running.


GT-2000 7 Shift Your Run copy written over close up of women smiling and sweating. Pans out to ASICS I MOVE ME copy over close up of woman running.