[Woman running in an empty urban setting]


[Close up of a pink GT-2000™ 8 shoe focusing with a glitch effect as the heel pushes off.]


[Transition to the word “LIGHTWEIGHT” appearing in white lettering against a pink background. A purple and white bubble effect surrounds the word LIGHTWEIGHT]


[Transition back to the GT-2000™ 8 shoe zoomed in on the heel of the shoe showing the visible FLYTEFOAM® technology]


[Transition to the word “SMOOTH”  overlayed on a rotating foam graphic on a pink background.]

0:08, 0:09

[Transition to a woman wearing a black ASICS top running toward the camera in an empty urban setting with a glitch effect surrounding the back of her head]

0:09, 0:11

[Transition to a closeup of the shoes. The sole of the shoe and Dynamic Duomax™ technology are visible]

0:11, 0:13

[Transition to the word “STABLE” in front of a pink and gold honeycomb background]

0:13, 0:15

[Transition to the woman running away from the camera. The words “GO PROTECTED GT-2000™ 8” with the ASICS logo beneath them appear on the screen]