[Woman is seen running in an alley, away from the camera. ]


[Zoom in on the woman's face while she now runs toward the camera on a regular road and people can be seen in the background.]


[Zoom in on the woman’s feet running. The camera view is flipped upside-down]


[Zoom in on heel of GEL Kayano™ 26 shoe heel labelled “Advanced Impact Absorption. Shear Deformation GEL™ technology”. ]

0:00:10, 0:00:16

[Zoom in through heel strike of shoe labelled FLYTEFOAM™ Propel]


[Zoom in on bottom of shoe sole. The bottom of the shoe is shown splashing through water on a clear surface, and is labelled “Stable Ride with DUOMAX™ GUIDANCE LINE”.]


[Side view of woman running, shown from the neck up.]


[Zoom out on the woman running away from the camera shown on a wet, reflective surface. The words “PROTECT YOUR EVERY STEP. GEL KAYANO™ 26 APPEAR.]


[Same frame of the woman running away from the camera on wet, reflective surface. The Words “PROTECT YOUR EVERY STEP. GEL KAYANO™ 26” fade out and the ASICS logo appears with the tagline “Win the Long Run” underneath.]