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ASICS women’s athetic gear can help power your workout and assist your work to surpass your goals.  Women’s running gear and accessories by ASICS are popular with casual enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and professional athletes alike. Our running shoes for women  have a global reputation for superior comfort, incredible durability plus iconic style and design features which make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re into road running, track and field, trail running, or clocking up the miles on your gym’s machines, we’ve got the women’s athletic gear for your activity.  Running can put strain on your feet and joints so it’s essential to select footwear and clothing that fits well and specifically targets the kind of running you do. If you need shoes to address overpronation, or underpronation, or even if you are a neutral pronation runner, ASICS has a women’s running shoe to help you get the most out of each run.   Need to update your workout outfit? ASICS has a great selection of women's clothing and gear and accessories as well.

ASICS is heavily invested in advanced technologies that match your style and needs – whether it’s our unique GEL® technology to take the shock out of your run, or new FLYTEFOAM® technology to give you a bit more spring and bounce in each step. Even if you are just exploring our site for the women’s performance shoe that is a good fit for you – the Shoe Finder can help runners of every level, gait, and pronation find a good matching women’s shoe for their running needs!