ASICS FrontRunner Themba Madima is looking to make a childhood dream come true by representing South Africa at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

"I think about it (the Olympics) every waking moment of the day,"  Madima says. "Then when I go to sleep I dream about it. It consumes your life - becomes 'who' you are ... I’ve been working really hard on it and I believe I have the talent and the training is on track to make this dream a reality."

"My goal is to qualify for the 800m event," he explains. "The qualification time is 1:45.20. At the moment short of about two seconds short, but the aim is to run that twice in the next few months," he says. 


Madima's training has been going very well and he believes he's well on track to qualify. Under the guidance of coach JJ Smith he's been focussing particularly on his stamina. "We’ve been working on my endurance," he says. "Coming from 200m and 400m back in the day, speed is not a problem, but now my endurance is better than it has ever been," he says, adding that he wants to run his final qualifying time at SA National Champs in April. 

"If it happens earlier that would be good, Then there is the European season after which would be the last opportunity."

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