Staying Hydrated is very important and sometimes also tricky. Water can be boring and most of the time we find ourselves so busy that we completely forget to Hydrate.

SO summer is in full swing here in South-Africa and we’ve been having some hectic temperatures the last few days.

Here are some alternative ways to stay hydrated during busy hot days.

Mother Nature:

Take advantage of Mother nature and get your hands on some hydrating fruits and veg. Below are a few Fruits and veg that are very high in water content:

Chop up a few of these and have them ready in a Tupperware to grab and go out the fridge. This will also make a nice alternative snack to eat when cravings hit. Because you prepped them beforehand it will be easier to grab them that to open up a bag of chips instead. I have cucumber with salt to give it a little more flavor and you can also add a little mayo for a great snack.

Hydrating Meals:

Without even noticing you can easily help hydrate yourself with smart lunch and dinner time combinations.


Now we all know water is the best way to get hydrated when taking in large amounts of fluids. It has the least sugar and is the most natural and healthy option out there. But it can unfortunately also get a little boring.

And there you have it, some easy tips on how to re-hydrate other than just drinking normal water.

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