ASICS trail shoes... Let's dive into the Gel Trabuco 10s and Fuji Lite 2 Trail shoes, the most innovative trail shoes on the market at the moment!

The trail range has become quite extensive in terms of functionality, capability and performance. When I started trail running in ASICS I tried out the FujiTrabuco Lyte's which really sparked my interest in the performance of the shoes on trail terrain. Since then I have used most of the trail range ASICS has to offer. In this review I will let you know some insights on what I enjoy about the new Fuji Lite 2 and the Gel Trabuco 10 and what really stands out for me on the trails.

1) Women's Gel Trabuco 10 Trail Shoe:

I received the Trabuco 10's this year and have been blown away! This shoe has a lot to offer on the trails, offering a lot of stability and traction. It seems to be a hybrid between the Lite and Max range offering the ultimate experience when on the trails. I personally really like the new colour range the shoe comes in (in particular the Dried Berry/Fuchsia Red). The shoe itself fits well but I would say would probably fit a slimmer foot much better than a wider one.I am really enjoying this shoe and these are some aspects that really stand out for me at the moment:

For a trail runner whether it be pro or beginner this shoe has something to offer for all. I must say this shoe is slowly creeping to the top of my list!

2) Fuji Lite 2 Trail Shoe:

This shoe is very special to me, it was original choice of trail running shoe before joining the FrontRunner programme and accompanied me most of the way on the Lesotho Expedition. The original FujiTrabuco Lytes offer a lot when it comes to the trails. This includes good traction, good stability and is very light. I tried the new model of the Fuji Lite 2 range on the Lesotho expedition and cannot express the comfort and durability this shoe has to offer. The Fuji Lite 2 continues to be at the top of my list for trail running. The reasons for this include the following:

Overall the Fuji Lite 2 is a fantastic shoe especially for those who are looking to speed it up on the trails and feel a bit more comfortable on tricky terrain.

I am thoroughly enjoying both shoes at the moment and enjoy using them on the trails. I hope the insights help with picking the best shoe to fit you on your adventure!

written by

Cailin Whyte

Head of Sport from Cape Town

Age group: Open
Coach: Michael Obery

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