The human brain is a very powerful tool. The way in which we use this tool says a lot about us. We need to stop focusing on the obstacles.

We often find ourselves scrolling through Social media, which I believe is a humans worst enemy when it comes to comparison. While we sit in front of the screen telling ourselves "Don't compare, don't compare, don't compare" we find ourselves doing exactly that. The brain cannot ignore negativity. ITS TRUE!! We cannot tell the brain not to do something.

So life doesn't always hand us a good deal, we often find many obstacles on our path which cause distractions. Be it injury, pain, unnecessary noise from people, or confusion. If we focus on the obstacles, that is all we will see, if we keep saying to ourselves "focus on the path- focus the path" all we will see is the path.

It is our choice, on how we see our way through life, its perspective.
We have two options to select from:

1 . Focus on the Path
2. Focus on the obstacles

Everything happens on a mental level before it comes to fruition on a physical level. This is why it is so important to get your mindset right. You have to believe in yourself before you expect others to, no matter what the external obstacles are. Your number one priority should be to strengthen your vision, for when you look in the mirror you see your greater self. The person you are proud of for standing your ground and doing what others thought you couldn't achieve.

Set those Goals, achieve those goals and keep the focus on YOUR own path.

Comparison is the thief of joy, but who wants to be like anyone else anyway.

Yours in Running,

written by

Lauren Kupferman

Educator from Cape Town

Age group: Open

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