Have you stopped to think about your daily routine? Have you really got an answer as to why you are currently doing what you are doing?

Knowing your WHY gives us a sense of direction and purpose.

To feel that underlying passion and sense of direction, to feel that you may be contributing to a BIGGER and better future, we need to know our WHY!

Sometimes it is very hard to articulate and put things into words, because the part of the brain that controls feelings and behavior, does not control language.

What ever your WHY is, you should own it.

1. If you are doing things for other people, don't hide the fact. You will forever be disappointed when you don't receive anything in return. This is not selfish, in fact some people thrive on doing jobs and tasks for the community, one needs to know that acknowledgement will not always be given.

2. If you are doing things for self satisfaction, be proud of yourself. Don't wait for praise from others. Clap for yourself.

surrounds us daily in the most subtle ways. This changes our mindset without us being aware of our thoughts and actions. Social media is our biggest thief of real life joy and pure self satisfaction. WHY, because the fear of being judged and being different sets fear within our minds, which lead us to conform to Social standards. This has unconscious control of our WHY.

We should start from the inside out. The hardest question to answer, should be your first.

1. Why
Very few people can state why they do what they do. By WHY, I mean purpose, passion, belief.
If you don't know WHY you do what you do, how will anyone else.

2. How
How do you do it? Some people know how they do it, the things they do that make them feel special and or different.
Have discipline of 'HOW', hold yourself accountable of your values.

3. What

What you are doing? Everyone can identify this question, everyone can identify what they are doing.
You need to have consistency of your 'WHAT'. Everything that you say and do must prove what you believe in.

So, ask yourself. Do you know the real reason as to WHY you are doing what you do everyday...

Make sure you have Purpose, Perseverance, Passion, Patience and the courage Practice what you are doing everyday with a full heart and a clear mind. 

Yours in Running, 


written by

Lauren Kupferman

Educator from Cape Town

Age group: Open

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