It’s official, I have a new favourite pair of trail shoes!

I have been running in the new Gel Trabuco 10’s for just over a month now and can safely say I have a new favourite pair of trails shoes! For those who enjoy hitting the trails from dusty roads to technical rocky mountaineers these shoes provide the outmost comfort and durability to get the job done.

I thoroughly enjoy being able to focus on the task and hand and not needing to worry about my grip whilst trail running and here are a few key things I have really enjoyed about the new Gel Trabuco 10’s:

Overall, this shoe has a lot to offer! It really comes as the full package for trail lovers. The Gel Trabuco 10 will continue to be my go-to pair of shoes for a long trail run or super-fast technical trail run!

written by

Cailin Whyte

Sport Coordinator from Johannesburg (The Urban Jungle)

Age group: 26
Club: Origins Running Club
Coach: Michelle Mee

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