It is so easy to get caught up in a place where you feel if you are not doing what others are doing you you cannot classify yourself as a runner.

It is so easy to get caught up in a place where you feel if you are not doing what others are doing you you cannot classify yourself as a runner.

Today i would like to tell you that in the running world it does not matter how fast or how slow you are going or if you are able to complete a marathon or just a 3km run. The fact that you are running makes you a runner.

We all have different goals and to compare yourself with others is the worst you can do.I got stuck in a similar  situation not so long ago.My focus was on the 21.1km.I saw that everyone was running marathons and i taught to myself, am i classified as a real runner if i don't run a marathon?? I then decided to set my goal in running a marathon in October.It got me excited as i would finally be able to call myself a proper runner as soon as i completed my first marathon. Ridiculous right?? It sounds even worse typing it out...

After a call with a fellow frontrunner he asked me, what is my goal? At the moment my goal is to be able to run a fast 21.1km and to improve my 10km and 5km times. In the future when i am about 32 years old i would love to start running marathons and ultras but i feel i am not strong enough to cope with those distances now...

He then asked me so why do i want to run a marathon now?

My response to him was i just don't feel like a runner if i don't run it. and everyone is doing it.

After almost falling off his chair of laughing at me he said 'that is the funniest thing i have ever heard'.I am a runner regardless of the distance i run and that i cannot compare myself to those around me as we all have different goals in mind.Yes running a marathon is a big achievement but running a fast 21km .10km and 5km is just as big as an achievement.And the best thing i can do is to work on my goal as i am on the right track.Running a marathon will come when the time is right and my body is ready.For now it is time to build a solid foundation that will help me to run a good marathon.You cannot put the roof on a house if foundation is not laid and your brick walls are not up.

With that said it is so important to always focus on what your goals are and what you would want to achieve.It is very easy to get caught up in the norm and wanting to do what others are doing.Focus on what you are doing it does not make you less of a runner.

You will have times where you will get side tracked and that is pretty normal but make sure you always keep your goals in mind.

Just imagine how boring the world would be if we where all chasing the same goals.

Lots of Love
Mel <3

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Melandi Venter

Sports conditioning coach,Junior Long distance running coach,Lo Practical teacher ,Freelancer from Pretoria

Age group: Senior Woman
Club: Nedbank Running Club Gauteng North
Coach: Mike Obery

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