Our mission

To get every runner running in the right pair of shoes.

Here at ASICS, we believe that to create a sound mind and a sound body, we must start from the feet and work up from there. Running in the right pair of shoes improves performance, provides comfort and, in the long term, prevents injury. Our team at the ASICS Institute of Sport and Science in Kobe, Japan refine and evolve each shoe to provide the strongest foundation for every runner, for every run.

Choosing the right pair of shoes to run in isn’t about the newest or the boldest or the most expensive. It isn’t about more GEL™ technology or more boost… although those things can make a huge difference in the right pair of shoes, on the right feet.

Choosing the right pair of shoes is about you. Your foot. Your unique gait. Your run. The perfect fit and the right support are must-haves but our journey starts with your goals. Each of our shoes has different strengths for doing different jobs: Further, faster, or beyond?


GEL-CUMULUS™ 21 - Cushion Every Step

Built for distance, these cushioned, springy shoes will give you the energy to run further.


GEL-DS™ TRAINER 24 -Lighten Every Step

Built for speed, these lightweight shoes will push you to achieve your best time yet.


GEL-FUJITRABUCO™ 7 -Grip Every Step

Built for off-road adventures, these rugged shoes will keep you running through the toughest of terrains.


Performance is personal and so is your perfect running shoe. Use our Shoe Finder to find the ultimate fit for your gait, goals and more.