ELLE VO: 00:02, 00:09

ELLE street art is seen running away from the camera underneath an underpass. The frame then moves to the inside of a warehouse and ELLE is seen standing near a ledge as she sprays a spray paint can into the air as she walks slowly. She is then seen running, she stops to catch her breath.


AOKI VO: 00:10, 00:28

The scene shifts to a view of Steve Aoki in dark lighting. He stands in front of a colorful screen swaying back and forth. The frame then cuts to Aoki stretching and boxing in a gym. He is working on the ropes vigorously, then the camera can see a view of his shoes the GT-2000™ 7. The scene cuts back and forth quickly between Aoki in the gym and Aoki in the darkly lit warehouse, he is seen boxing and jumping, then he stops and stands still. The camera cuts to a view of ELLE stretching in the warehouse, she adjusts her leggings, then turns to the camera with her hands over her head.


ELLE VO: 00:28, 00:40

ELLE begins to walk quickly, then the camera moves to her running. She runs up the parking garage, and the frame quickly shifts to an image of her shoes. She sprays from a spray paint can into the air, the shots move quickly back and forth to her running in the parking garage and her testing out her spray paint cans.


AOKI VO: 00:40, 00:51

The camera cuts to a shot of Aoki, is seen working out in the gym, boxing on the punching bag, doing push-ups energetically, working on the exercising ropes, moving levers on the turn table, then there is loud thump as the camera shifts back to ELLE in the parking garage. 


ELLE VO: 00:51, 01:01

ELLE is seen grabbing her spray paint cans and standing up with conviction. The shot then moves to Aoki in the darkly lit warehouse with colors and lights coming up behind him within the frame. ELLE begins spray painting, she leans over a ledge and crouches down to apply paint to the concrete walls of the parking garage. The camera cut quickly back and forth to views of ELLE spray painting the walls and Aoki moving with the beats he is creating on the turntable.

AOKI VO: 01;01, 01:08

Aoki and ELLE begin to set up for their collaboration, they are moving paint cans and setting up tarps against the walls. The glance up to the tarp that is up against the wall.

ELLE VO: 01:08, 01:14

Aoki and ELLE are seen motioning at the tarp on the wall, the ready their paint canisters. There is a brief moment of silence.

AOKI VO: 01:14, 01:17

Aoki and ELLE begin spray painting the tarp against that is against the wall.

AOKI VO: 01:17, 01:23

The camera cuts back and forth between Aoki and ELLE spray painting the tarp and to shots of Aoki moving in the dark light with colors flashing behind him moving to the music that he is creating on the turn table.

ELLE VO: 01:23, 01:26

Aoki is seen moving in the colorful lights, then the camera shows ELLE running outside from a profile view from her neck up. She looks over her shoulder at the camera and begins to run faster.

AOKI VO: 01:26, 01:31

Aoki and ELLE are seen spaying paint all over the tarp, they are laughing and smiling at one another. Aoki is seen in the darkly lit warehouse, moving levers on the turn table as the bright colors flash behind him in the frame.

ELLE VO: 01:31, 01:36

Aoki and ELLE can be seen in the dark warehouse, both standing in front of and admiring the art that they created together.

AOKI VO: 01:36, 01:42

Aoki and ELLE are seen from behind as there is a white light that is coming at the camera through their silhouettes.


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