0:00:00.000,0:00:04.000 A city park at dawn with a man in running clothes stretching, with birdsong.

0:00:04.000,0:00:06.000 Closeup of blue ASICS running shoes.

0:00:06.000,0:00:08.000 Closeup of man's face as he begins his run.

0:00:08.020,0:00:08.520 The man runs through the tree-filled park, through a tunnel, down city streets and alleyways and over a bridge.

0:00:20.540,0:00:22.540 The running man stops behind a building with the sun shining bright and begins stretching, breathing heavily.

0:00:22.540,0:00:23.040 Closeup on the runner's exhausted face, sweating.

0:00:23.740,0:00:24.240 Cut back to a closeup of the runner stretching in the park before the run began.

0:00:24.240,0:00:25.240 Closeup on the runner's blue ASICS shoes as he jumps up and down in the grass, preparing to run.