0:00:01.344,0:00:02.540 You need to be able to

[Closeup of Nils Pennekamp's face as he runs.]

0:00:02.540,0:00:04.380 speed up at the end to win the race

0:00:04.380,0:00:05.820 If you are not able to speed up

[Closeup of Nils Pennekamp's feet in ASICS running shoes.]

0:00:05.820,0:00:06.980 you are not going to win

0:00:08.112,0:00:09.300 I am Nils Pennekamp

[Shots of Nils running across a bridge, down a street, across and overpass.]

0:00:09.300,0:00:11.060 I am a high performance athlete

0:00:11.060,0:00:12.220 This is my story

[Nils Pennekamp standing with his arms crossed, facing the camera.]

0:00:15.984,0:00:17.580 Mental strength is really important

0:00:17.580,0:00:21.940 you need to be able to step up at the right time

0:00:21.940,0:00:23.460 When you have a championship race

[Closeups of Nils stretching, zipping his jacket, tying his shoes.]

0:00:23.460,0:00:24.980 you need to shine at that moment

0:00:24.980,0:00:26.776 and not the day before or the day after

0:00:35.920,0:00:38.600 Well there is this saying pain is just an emotion

[Fast shots of Nils running through the city, up stairs, and down the street at high speed.]

0:00:38.600,0:00:40.540 Before a big race I tell myself

0:00:40.540,0:00:43.168 I have to be ready to handle the pain

0:00:45.210,0:00:46.860 When you are running at a faster pace

0:00:46.860,0:00:48.752 a lightweight shoe is essential

0:00:51.216,0:00:53.060 The Dynaflyte is a perfect shoe

[Shot of Nils running at top speed away from the camera.]

0:00:53.648,0:00:55.860 Lighter Faster Happier