00:00, 00:05

Heavy breathing, !llmind stands in dark lit hallway


Scene cuts to a new frame, !llmind standing outdoors on a rooftop, heavy breathing, eyes closed

00:07, 00:10

“Silence is just as important as sound.”

!llmind seen in a seated position stretching with legs in front of him, grasping at his feet, slow deep breathing

00:10, 00:20

“Finding sound and finding texture is completely parallel to the idea of movement.”

Scene cuts to !llmind seen indoors from the knees down wearing black pants and pair of ASICS sneakers, deep breathing, frame moves up to see !llmind’s face looking around at the ceiling with small shuffling in his posture, a drum stick sound can be heard in the distance

!llmind seen through a dark hallway, he is shuffling his posture, bangs on his chest one time. Scene pans over to !llmind now standing in a stairwell with a set of drum sticks. He pounds on the stairway railing to a slow beat with the drumstick, the sound of a kick drum goes along to the beat, the sound echoes through the stairwell.

00:20, 00:26

“When you’re moving, there’s this rhythm to it.”

Scene pans to !llmind leaning against a railing with a back drop of the view behind him, he is breathing, lightly bouncing up and down, there is a brief view of the ASICS sneakers he is wearing. Scene cuts to !llmind back in the darkly lit hallway beating on the walls and bouncing up and down.

00:26, 00:36

“In my mind and in my body, I need to feel this adrenaline rush before I start composing music.”

Scene cuts back to the rooftop and the railing where !llmind is seen from the back stretching and breathing heavily. Frame moves to an indoor shot of the back of !llmind who is beating on a drum set. Scene cuts to an upward image of Illlmind beating on his chest. Scene cuts to !llmind sitting in the chair hitting on the kick drum wearing ASICS sneakers.  Scene cuts back to !llmind doing squats, high knees and stretching on the rooftop panning back and forth between seeing his face and the ASICS sneakers he is wearing.

00:36, 00:49

“You know, the brain really is an instrument because, as a producer I’m creating rhythm for the listener to also feel and be on that same frequency.”

Scene cuts to !llmind now indoors, beating to a rhythm on a door. Scene cuts to !llmind in a darker indoor space, headphones on at the production table. Frame moves back to the stairwell where !llmind is now using both drumsticks to beat to a rhythm on the railing. Scene cuts back to !llmind beating on his chest, panning down to him stomping his feet wearing ASICS sneakers, then back up to a full body shot of him clapping with an echo in the room. Scene cuts back to !llmind stretching out on the rooftop with his back to us and the buildings in the background.

00:49, 00:51

“I keep going until I get goosebumps.”

!llmind is seen stretching on the rooftop, and then cuts to him back in the darkly lit hallway stretching against the wall.

00:53, 00:55

“Then I start to commit my idea to that.”

Scene cuts back to !llmind on the roof, now wearing his hood, moving his head to the beat of the rhythm

00:55, 01:05

“I think wellness is becoming the best version of what you were meant to become.”

!llmind is beating on his chest, seen stomping his feet in ASICS sneakers, seen with his back to us beating on the drums, banging on the walls of the darkly lit hallway, !llmind is seen with his headphones on working on the keyboards and moving to the beat. The frame moves back to the rooftop with a view of !llmind’s ASICS sneakers as he is stretching and jumping up and down.

01:06, 01:15

“When you have that type of confidence when you’re making music, then I think that really translates when people listen to it.”

!llmind is beating on his chest, hitting the railing with the drumsticks, beating on the drums, hitting his chest, stomping his feet on the ground, hitting the kick drum. The scene cuts back to !llmind on the rooftop doing push-ups. Scene cuts back to !llmind on the keyboards with his headphones on, !llmind works a few buttons on the producer’s soundboard, scene cuts back to roof, !llmind is doing split squat jumps.

01:15, 01:21

“From all these years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve never thought of quitting, because I’m just having too much fun doing it.”

!llmind is seen hitting his chest to the beat, the scene cuts back to !llmind on the rooftop facing the audience doing split jumps,   the frame cuts back to the stairwell where !llmind is hitting the railing with the drumsticks, he is seen on the rooftop jumping up and down, it cuts back to !llmind indoors, stomping his foot on the ground once, then quickly cutting back to rooftop, then back to a close up image of the ASICS sneakers he is wearing, then it rolls back to the stairwell where !llmind is hitting the drumsticks on the railing. !llmind is seen indoors hitting on his chest, stomping his feet.

01:24, 01:25

“Why would I stop doing that?”  

Finally, the frame cuts back to the roof, !llmind is swaying back and forth and takes a deep breath.


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