0:00:00.030,0:00:04.859 This is a jumping jack rope workout. Try

[William is in a gym, facing the camera.]

0:00:02.760,0:00:07.020 using ropes in this exercise for an even

0:00:04.859,0:00:08.790 bigger challenge. This will raise your

[William demonstrates rope jumping jacks.]

0:00:07.020,0:00:10.740 heart rate more quickly. While holding

0:00:08.790,0:00:13.200 the rope, do jumping jacks for about 30

0:00:10.740,0:00:16.700 seconds. Using the rope you will burn

[William looks at the camera and smiles.]

0:00:13.200,0:00:16.700 even more calories, more quickly.