Title Card: 00:00, 00:03 ASICS : QUEEN X MARC

Marc Forgione is seen running in the distance up a hill in the desert from a distance, heart is pounding, breathing heavily.

00:03, 00:05

Scene cuts to image of Marc’s legs from the knees down, he is shuffling, the audience can see his shoes the GEL-Cumulus® 20.

QUEEN VO: 00:05, 00:12

Frame moves as the audience sees Queen Harrison in the gym from behind, she claps three times out loud and the sound echoes through the gym. Queen begins to stretch and get loose, she jumps up and down, takes a deep breath in and out.

MARC VO: 00:12, 00:25

The frame cuts to a view of Marc running towards the camera up a hill in the desert, then he is seen charging the mountain and running away from the camera. He is breathing heavily, the scene cuts quickly back and forth between the shoes that Marc is wearing, to views of him running up the hill in the desert. We see a close up of his face as he runs out of frame, the sun rises over the hills behind him.

QUEEN VO: 00:25, 00:43

The scene moves to Queen in a darkly lit gym, she is doing split squat jumps for her warm up, the frame moves to a wider shot, Queen can be seen jumping on a high box, she is stretching her legs, shuffling and jumping up and down, she smiles wide and takes a deep breath out, she mumbles the words “let’s go” under her breath, she picks up a large medicine ball high over her head, continues with her split squat jumps, she then quickly switches to quick feet, the camera can see a clear image of her sneakers, the DynaFlyte™ 3 Lite-Show. As she moves over hurdles, the audience can hear the hurdles clank against Queen’s legs, we see her through a crowd of workout machines as she is jumping, she grazes the bottom of her foot across the ground and stomps her foot.

MARC VO: 00:43, 00:53

The camera moves to a long shot of Queen and Marc running up that same hill in the desert, Queen is ahead of Marc, then Marc moves ahead of Queen, we can see a view of them running from behind as the camera moves to a wider shot.

MARC VO: 00:53, 01:02

The shot moves to Queen and Marc seen walking together smiling on a grassy part of the desert hill, the shot moves to Marc’s feet wearing the GEL-Cumulus® 20 and he turns around. The audience can see Queen from behind admiring the view in front of her. The shot moves to a view of Marc and Queen from behind, both with their hands on their hips and nodding at the view in front of them.

QUEEN VO: 01:02, 01:18

The scene cuts to Marc and Queen around a campfire, it is night time and the frame is quite dark. Marc and Queen are standing at a wooden table that is filled with fresh foods, the begin cooking together and setting the table for their meal. The audience can hear food being cut on a cutting board, the shot cuts to Queen with her foot up on the side of the rocks next to the campfire. Her GEL-Saga sneakers are seen in bright light next to the camp fire, with Marc crouching down next to her in the same frame but slightly out of view. Marc moves some food on the grate that is above the fire, the frame moves to a shot of Queen and Marc’s hands moving in front of the camp fire as they converse with one another. Marc sprinkles something over the food, he is seen smiling as he grabs food off of the camp fire grill.

MARC VO: 01:18, 01:26

The frame moves to Marc taking food off of the campfire grill and putting them into a bowl.

The scene moves to a shot of Marc with a large knife cutting food and the camp fire can be seen glowing the background. Marc and Queen are seen eating. The frame cuts to a black image and the title card is shown on the screen.


LEGAL LOCKUP: © ASICS Corporation. All rights reserved.