No one ever stood still and achieved something great. We urge you, encourage you, push you to move.
Because, the way you move shows the world who you are. Whatever your moves may sound like, look
like, or be—they’re meant to be seen. (Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.) So, own who you are.
Your authentic, real self is the most powerful and positive statement you can make on the world.

Our Canadian Crew

Julia Hamer

Julia Hamer has been active her whole life, from dance, playing soccer and ultimately made it on Team Canada's beach volleyball team. Embodying these values, virtues and beliefs, she hopes to inspire and make an impact on others to live the highest version of themselves and empower positive healthy change through self-love.

Caleigh Rykiss

Founder and CEO of BOLO – BodyLove Inc, athlete and coach, Caleigh Rykiss has redefined the philosophy of fitness. Focused on a larger purpose, Caleigh uses health and wellness to help others feel confident and challenge their bodies. Through movement, she’s inspiring others to be the best version of themselves.

Penny Oleksiak

Penny Oleksiak has been representing Canada since the age of 15. Making her splash in the pool, she's been racking up medals and setting records. At the top of her game, she's driven by passion and inspiring young athletes along the way.

Charles Philibert-Thiboutot

Charles Philibert-Thiboutot is no stranger to representing Canada. As a champion middle-distance runner, his eyes are set on the finish line. Overcoming adversity, he's pushed through the setbacks and is focused on the journey ahead.

Steven Bole

Elite personal trainer Steven Bole believes in improving lives through fitness. Whether he’s hitting the gym or instructing a high-intensity class, inspiring others is built into his DNA.

Sasha Exeter

Full-time lifestyle blogger, trendsetter and new mom Sasha Exeter knows what it means to have a full schedule. For her, fitness is not only a lifestyle, it's critical to being healthy. Her journey and passion continues to inspire the next generation.

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