All runners, eventually, dream a faster pace for their running. Even those who claim not needing speed. I remember twelve years ago, when I first started running in races, my anxiety of not being the last runner in rankings. I was standing at the start area of a 10k race and I almost couldn’t breathe from anticipation. Throughout all these years I have learned some facts in my effort to become faster and faster. No doubt, every runner has a similar story, but I will write down my conclusion.

So, if you want to become faster, you should:

Always remember: becoming faster isn’t more important than simply running. Running is something you want to keep doing for a lot of years. Prioritize. And enjoy running. Fast running, slow running, long – distance running, ultra – running. All these are kinds of the same movement: running. Our favorite movement.

George Myzalis


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George Myzalis

Marketing Manager από Athens

Ηλικιακή ομάδα: 40 - 44
Προπονητής: Nikos Dimitriadis (myathlete)

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