How it all began.

The World Health Organisation calls the prevalence of poor mental health an “epidemic”. ASICS has always recognised the power of movement to improve wellbeing. And increasingly, we see that getting outside, moving and connecting to the natural world – with focus and attention – is good for us all.

ASICS Movement for Mind combines these elements into something accessible and effective. Drawing on those fundamental things that make us who we are.

“ASICS was founded out of adversity. A direct response to a world in crisis in 1949. Our founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka, recognised the power of sport to lift people’s spirits. He saw that sport had a benefit, not just on the body, but on the mind. That’s why he founded our company, to bring hope to people through sport. Our purpose has always been to support people to play sport, so that they feel better, both physically and mentally. And more than 70 years on, we believe that our focus on the mind and our role as a caregiver is more relevant today than ever before.” - Gary Raucher, Executive Vice President, ASICS EMEA

By looking back, ASICS Movement for Mind gave us the opportunity to reconnect to a life our ancestors might recognise. The programme is grounded in simplicity. Movement, breathing, music, an awareness of nature and a chance to break away from everyday pressures – in our own way, we’re helping people to be more human. It sounds simple (and it is).

For us, the ASICS Movement for Mind programme is a natural evolution of our founding philosophy. It embraces science and technology, while recognising the power of reforging the connection between body and mind.