This is who
we are

Our team is a truly diverse group of people from different backgrounds who come in all shapes and sizes. We’re young and old, we’re beginners and professionals, from fitness coaches to sports experts, we run streets and trails.
It’s the combination of all these things that makes our community so strong, vibrant and unique.

In 2022 our ASICS FrontRunner community has more than 700 members from 32 countries who share one goal: Get the world moving for a sound mind in a sound body.

This is what
we do

Our main goal is to support everyone around the world who loves to move. We’re proud to keep evolving as a unique and authentic community where all our members can share their passion for running and practice our ASICS philosophy - a Sound Mind in a Sound Body.

We train, we race but most importantly we want to support and motivate each other and people around us. We believe that movement has the power to uplift the mind. Together we can get the world moving and uplift the minds of people everywhere.


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