When i tell people i like running they always seem to think that there is something wrong with me.Yes i do think that all runners are a little crazy but its not running's fault it just so happens to be that crazy people also enjoy running.

So to help you understand better here are my 5 reasons why i enjoy running.

To start off with i would just like to add that running was not easy at the beginning and it took time for me to start enjoying it.All good things take time.At first its a battle as it is not a easy activity it tends to take quite a lot out of a person.But once you get the hang of it,it starts to become fun.

So with that being said here are my 5 reasons.

1.It is one of my only moments i get to be quiet in my mind.

I have a very busy mind and i am constantly thinking about things.Running helps me to quiet my mind.In that moment i get to focus on what my body is doing and appreciate the fresh air that i am breathing.My mind then gets time to relax and stop worrying about what ever i might be paranoid about at that stage.

2.It makes me happy.

Running is not the only thing that makes me happy i have many things that bring joy into my life.Running just happens to be one of the things that is on top of my list.As you would know physical activities releases endorphins.I am addicted to those endorphins.Whenever i feel i am down or upset running helps uplift my mood and puts a smile back onto my face. If you are needing a favor from me the best time to ask is after a run as i find it very hard not to say yes then...

3.Its a healthy habit.

Running has many health benefits and i enjoy running because it gives me the healthy body i need to preform at my best.Yes diet plays a huge roll in being healthy but for some reason when you are active your body tends to crave the good foods and you start eating healthier too.It also helps me a lot with my mental health as i really struggle with anxiety on a daily basis.Because of running i am in good shape and happy with the way that i look and feel and that is very important when it comes to self love.

4.I do it for the community.

This is a big reason! there is no better feeling than attending a road race.The vibe and people are something indescribable.Everyone is always really friendly and so supportive.Its a atmosphere where there is only smiles involve and does not matter your speed or size you get celebrated.Its a community on its on and if you felt like your life is missing something i bet you its this! I met 80% of my friends at a road race and they are friends i will have forever.

5.The Shoes.

Yes you heard me...I do it for the shoes.You can never have enough running shoes.i dont enjoy shopping but  ii do enjoy searching for new running shoes.Its a addiction but i would say its defiantly a healthy addiction.I have always been a sneaker and tekkie lover.you will never see me in sandals and if in rare cases i do wear sandals just know something might be wrong.i am the type of girl who would pack everything in her big bag that goes in the carousel of a airplane but keep her running shoes in her hand luggage.If my house burns down the first item i will grab is my running shoes...i am sure you get the point they make me who i am.

So that is it for my 5 reasons why i enjoy running. You might want to look into getting started as there are so many benefits to this amazing sport.Like i said in the beginning it wont be easy and it will be a lot of effort but just keep going and after some time you will start to understand why us crazy people are able to say that we enjoy running.

Lots of love


written by

Melandi Venter

Sports conditioning coach,Junior Long distance running coach,Lo Practical teacher ,Freelancer from Pretoria

Age group: Senior Woman
Club: Nedbank Running Club Gauteng North
Coach: Mike Obery

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