New Mommy - Take pressure off yourself, But always remember why you started!

From the moment I found out I was pregnant wit Paul to the moment I couldn’t run anymore, shortly before birth to him – all I could think about was getting back to running, getting back to my pre-pregnancy form. Only at some 12 months postpartum I could truly say that it was quite a journey, it was not a pretty journey, but it was worth it.

I kept running for 37 weeks of pregnancy with Paul and I still believe it helped me have such a fast birth and helped me recover fast. But it was still a fight. After giving birth all I wanted to know from the doctor was when I could run again, and I put this pressure on myself to just bounce back. You’re broken the first few weeks of postpartum, it’s hard, ugly and messy, an emotional roller-coaster.

Born to run - keep running2
Me at 35 Weeks pregnant.

Take pressure off yourself and know that it will take up to nine months to get to a comfortable running pace again, and 12 months to get back to top running form. At least in my personal situation this is how it worked out. With work, baby and finding time to run everyone’s situation will be different so find your own rhythm. And, if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll probably not be getting much sleep depending on your babies routine, so that also takes a big bite out of your mental capacity and motivation.

Looking back at my journey I want to say to every new mother runner out there, even if it’s been weeks or months since you gave birth, you can still get back into it on your own terms in your own way, you are still a runner, and you’ll find your pace. And it will be a new pace – because you’ve gone through a transformation journey and nothing will ever be the same, so don’t expect it to feel the same. Whether you run once a week or five days a week, early hours or late nights – keep going, before you know it you’ll be looking back on your postpartum journey and feel proud. Always remember why you started!

Happy Running!



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