Now on my fifth consecutive Gel-Kayano model, I do feel a small sense of entitlement to critique the newcomer. The engineer in me is dying to start with the technical specifications of the Gel-Kayano 27 and then I can save the best (my self-proclaimed opinion) for last.


I’m a do it all, eat it all, pet them all and try it all kind of gal! As a full-time employee by day and an engineering student by night, my time and mind are packed to the rafters. Luckily for me, I found running four years ago. Being on the road for my daily run gives me a chance to unwind and smooth all my ripples. I’m also one of those devilish runners who can leave my house, settle into my thoughts, and return from my run without even realizing I’m back already. This is how I took to long distances so easily. Now, a couple of ultra-marathons and a couple more marathons later, I can’t see my exercise regime changing anytime soon. Hence why the habits I build now will be the ones I’ll keep going forward. Especially when it comes to gear.

Now on my fifth consecutive Gel-Kayano model, I do feel a small sense of entitlement to critique the newcomer. The engineer in me is dying to start with the technical specifications of the Gel-Kayano 27 and then I can save the best (my self-proclaimed opinion) for last. But first, for those new to the ASICS terminology or the Kayano family, let me give a brief introduction:

Tech Talk

The Gel-Kayano is ASICS’ most advanced stability shoe, otherwise known as motion control shoe. Built for the road and the stubborn of heart, the Kayano is a long-distance road shoe aimed at giving ultimate comfort and protection to the athlete for hours on end. I use the word “athlete” tentatively as it is not built lean and light as a racer but rather for those in it for the long run.

In the first table are the physical specifications of the Gel-Kayano 27.

The second table shows the technical specifications of the new Gel-Kayano 27.

Updates from the previous model

The changes from the Gel-Kayano 25 to the Gel-Kayano 26 were somewhat predictable as we saw a drop in weight and an increase in cushioning. Very standard upgrades that we’ve come to expect throughout all our favorite shoe models. Luckily ASICS decided to take a leap in the 27th rendition and provide more upgrades than we’ve ever seen between two models. The usual cushioning upgrade can be seen through an entirely new lasting layer in the shoe made of 3.5mm Ortholite replacing the previous EVA lasting layer. Even the weight reduction upgrade caught me by surprise as the men’s shoe is now 5g lighter while the ladies’ is a whopping 15g lighter than last year's model! Running as a girl has never been more beneficial with the introduction of a gender-specific heel, clutch counter, and space trusstic. Owing to the different shapes between the Achilles tendon is the different sexes, the heel and outer components now are better suited to support you where and when in your stride you need it most. Last but not least, the flex grooves on the outsole have changed to help create a smoother rollover from the stance to push-off phase without compromising on support.

Alright, so we have made it clear the new Gel-Kayano 27 is one high tech piece of equipment but is it all worth the upper echelon price tag?

Personal Opinion

To test the newbies, I took them around my neighborhood's usual morning route. The same one I’ve been doing for years in all five predecessors of the Kayano family. The most noticeable feature upgrade is the comfort. The additions to the upper, the lasting, and the heel all put my unicorn slippers to shame. I enjoy the exuberant bounce-back of the midsole although it can be something to get used to with a new pair of Kayano’s once my muscles are used to the fatigued Flytefoam of my previous pair. The fit is great, as always. I have narrow feet and yet they fit just like all the others have before and this is something I have often heard from people with wide, long, short, and stout feet too. The fit really does adapt to your shape which helps prevent those usual friction ouchies from new shoes in their maiden long run. On the downside, all the trusstics, clutch counters, and other stability devices can be a bit much for someone like me who is quite a light runner but still needing a stability shoe. The additional flex grooves in the outsole definitely help a lot but I’d love to see a Kayano Lite version sometime in the future too for those of us sold on the comfort but looking for something a little more malleable.


In conclusion, the new Gel-Kayano 27 has fitted right into my collection. There is nothing better than slapping on my Kayano’s, turning up my 90s music, and heading down the street every morning. These shoes have reinforced their reliability to help me find that classic comfort in my daily route. Their comfort is superior to any other shoe I’ve tried and their durability makes them economical as a daily training shoe capable of racking up miles while maintaining its performance. For those who, like me, enjoy the simplicity of running and the stability of an effortless ride, the Gel-Kayano 27 is worth it.


Product Details Enjoy luxurious comfort and exceptional support with the new GEL-KAYANO 27 running shoe. A new breathable upper mesh helps keep runners cool, while the sole is more flexible to promote a more natur...


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