Day 9 of national lockdown. One day closer to freedom. 

The first week has been difficult for many. Athletes, parents, entrepreneurs, health care workers ... the list goes on. It’s during times like these that you’re reminded to be thankful for what you have. For me, besides food to eat and a home to live in, I’m grateful for the environment that I have, one that’s allowing me to continue doing what I love. Honestly, it’s the only thing keeping me sane.

Personally, I completely underestimated the power of race motivation. You would think that during a lockdown, we’d all have plenty more time to concentrate on training. However, I’m spending less time training now than before. And that’s okay. Through this whole process, I’m learning to be more forgiving. I finally have more time to do things that I’ve always wanted to.

I’m spending more time in the kitchen, cooking and baking some real beauties (and some disasters too). The doggo’s are getting more cuddles, some would argue way too many. I’m catching up on some much-needed reading. Family sit-down dinners are also becoming more frequent and lastly, I’ve finally learnt how to use the washing machine!

With that all in mind, training has most definitely not been thrown aside. I’m getting the work done. From my point of view, I think it’s unrealistic to believe you can maintain the same workout programme when your daily routine isn’t the same. You need to adapt and accept what is out of your control. Learn the difference between laziness and wise adjustments. Not being able to run outside our property has been the hardest for me to accept, as I'm sure it is for many. However, there is a positive. Strength work is underestimated and with the right exercises and guidance, you can leave these three weeks even stronger than before, which will allow any lost fitness to be regained quickly.

I’m lucky enough to have an indoor trainer to keep up with my cycling, and a make-shift contraption for my swimming pool. I know that many don’t have the luxury of space, and in that case my advice to you is to work on your strength and mobility. My personal goal is to maintain as much fitness as I can, but to improve on small movements. Everyone needs some sort of realistic target to stay motivated. So, what are your goals?

During times like these, it's important to stay connected to each other. Bounce off like-minded individuals for motivation, plan virtual group strength exercises with your running buddies and most importantly, don’t forget to be forgiving of yourself. Allocate some time in your day for your exercise, and then allow yourself to try something different. Besides, there's no such thing as too much family time (yes, that includes your cuddly pets), right?

Stay safe and patient


Amber Schlebusch