Even after years of winter running each year I still look for a magic remedy.

This morning I find myself googling all sorts of things

‘Running and flue’

‘How to not get sick when running’

‘How to prevent flue during training’

‘Marathon running and flue'

Hahaha and so on… and the things that came up are all either ridiculous or I know them. The fact is , yesterday I did n long-ish run for my current fitness level, and later that day I could start to feel the slightest pain in my throat. My husband is still recovering from a flue we all previously had, the kids and I had it first as usual. But just as we seem to have all recovered from this flue, it's here again.

I’m currently training for what is to me a big race, and I simply cannot get sick again! But living in a house with toddlers and a husband that is always traveling, that is pretty difficult. I also give toddlers swimming lessons so I’m quite often spat in the face with water and have to hold small kids in the water up close. So I now find myself desperate to protect myself against flue at any means possible!

If you read all the articles available out there you will get allot of information, most of it too much and useless info not telling you what you want to know. Well here is my version;

First-off there is NO magic remedy or treatment, please read that again!

Here’s the short version on how I best the flue season this winter:

Now a bit more of the running and training related version:

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Thank you for reading and come back again!

Happy Running 

Jani xx

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