I love running, personally I prefer Trail running to road running. I love being part of nature, seeing beautiful views and seeing places and having experiences that you would not have had if you were running on road or in urban areas.

Both running terrains give me a different end result after the run. My Road runs are often shorter faster runs and Trail is more likely to be Longer, more scenic runs.

On my general road runs I’ll probably focus on thinking about things that need to be done in my immediate day, working through frustrations like the kids not sleeping, mom-frustrations, and things that are constantly on my mind.

On Trail runs my mind will start thinking about the same things but wonder off after a while – I’ll start thinking about the bigger picture of what is going on in my life, how things have changed, how I can achieve certain goals and improve on things in my life. Trails Runs for me serve as a form of inspiration to what can come next – more a dream run than a coping mechanism from frustrations.

ASICS is running a global campaign to run the words largest live study into the impact of movement on the mind. ASICS’ founding mission is to help everyone achieve a sound mind in a sound body. At the heart of this is an unrelenting belief in the power of sport to uplift the mind. We believe this philosophy is now more important than ever.

To be able to record the effects of movement on the mind, ASICS has created the ASICS Uplifter tool, this tool is available to anyone!. Click here for more info!

Using a combination of facial scanning technology and self-report data collection, ASICS is enabling everyday athletes to see the impact of sport on their own mind with ASICS Uplifter. This will capture the impact of different sports across 10 emotional and cognitive metrics, showing how they impact mood and brain function.

I tested this tool across a number of my runs – and did a sort of Trail Running vs Road Running - The impact on the mind study for myself, to see emotionally and mentally which one of these benefit me more.

Here is what I found:

In my Results, My for me personally I had better result of lifting my mood when running on trails than on road. My emotionally upliftment according to the tool was much higher and more positive on a trail run. Whereas on a road run my cognitive upliftment was more apparent than on trail.

I believe this is because my Road runs are usually short, close to home and done quickly before I fetch the kids from school or with them in the pram. So my thought process focuses on problem solving, memory and the immediate planning of the rest of my evening and or day.

Trail Runs are my ‘Me-time’, They are done guilt free longer relaxed runs. Relaxed not just because of the environment but also because I don’t focus of any home stuff, or planning what comes next necessarily. They are my emotions dream runs, where I daydream about my goals. I see them as my Reward, and that’s why I believe that my emotional response is much higher and much more improved after a Trail run.

Both Road and Trail Runs have their own right of way in my life as my general upliftment and antidepressant, Bit Cognitive and emotional upliftment is needed at different times to help us improve our overall Mood.

Try the Mind Uplifter tool today - Remember to use the #UpliftingMinds & #SoundMindSoundBody hastagsand join in the Movement to better and healthier Minds!

Happy Running 



written by

Jani du Toit

Mother, Blogger and Pattern maker from Pretoria

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Club: ASICS FrontRunner

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