Jani du Toit

Mother, Blogger and Pattern maker from Pretoria

Age group: 30

Club: ASICS FrontRunner

My Disciplines
Half Marathon Trail 10k

About me

I'm Jani from JBRobinBlog.com! Wife, Mother, Trail runner & I enjoy sharing all my many adventures with the people around me. I love running - it has become such a big part of who I am. I'm a mother Runner & a big advocate for Running Pregnant, Breastfeeding & the up-and -down Roller coaster of Navigating Postpartum Life. My goal through everything was to stay true to myself, not disappear into motherhood, Doing what I love is as important to my children's health as it is to Mine.

My biggest achievements

I have a few moments in my life that are special to me but my number one achievement is being a Mom and Running, after that Running the Lesotho Ultra at 8 months Postpartum and Doing my first Marathon in Paris with ASICS. After that - Baby2Otter - where I Ran the Otter African Trail run - Retto in 2020 8 months Postpartum. Up next is navigating though the environment of COVID, Being a mom and trying to Stay true to myself - With two kids things feel very busy most of the time. (lol)

My personal records

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My blog posts

My next goals and projects

MY Big Project for 2020 is #Baby2Otter - I will be running the Otter Retto run in October 2020! Super excited for this and the whole gang is on board - I'm training hard where I can and planning on doubling up and increasing the training once Baby is born in March 2020 - So follow me on Instagram and My YouTube Series Baby2Otter.

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Recent and upcoming events

Date Event Discipline Age group Time
14.09.2019 Cape Town Peace Trail race 12km Trail 30 01:30:00
09.11.2019 Nissan Trail Seeker - #6 Cullinan 10km trail 30 TBC
25.11.2020 Lesotho ultra 38km Mountain Challenge 30 TBC

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