David Fick

Sales manager from Durban

Age group: Senior Men

Club: Dolphin striders

Coach: Nicola Acampora

My Disciplines
Marathon Ultra Marathon Half Marathon 10k

About me

I am 27 years old from Durban South Africa. I am a true running enthusiast. My love for running is based around not only exercising your body but also strengthening your mind. For me, endurance running and pushing your body is what I strive for. In 2020 I ran 12 consecutive marathons in 12 months. I learnt a lot about myself and my love for endurance running. My goals going forward are to improve on all aspects of my running ( 5km, 10km,21km & 42km)

My biggest achievements

12 marathons in 12 months in 2020. I ran a marathon every single month on top of my normal program. This also included isolation marathons and a car park marathon. For one marathon I took part in a 73km challenge in 24 hours ( 10km, 21KM, 42KM ).

My personal records

Record 10KM


Record Half Marathon


Record Marathon


Record 5km


My blog posts

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Recent and upcoming events

Date Event Discipline Age group Time
18.07.2021 Cape town Marathon 42km Senior Men TBA
09.08.2021 Izitebele sub 3 hour marathon attempt 42km Senior Men TBA
02.10.2021 Maxi Race 75km trial run Senior Men TBA