Fallen out of love with running, can I find my way back?

by Alechia van Wyk / Dec. 10, 2018

Shuffling along at a pace I couldn’t have guessed if I tried, the wind whipped through my hair as I jammed along to the sound of Bruno Mars. For this run, I only had one goal—to end it being happy that I had gone in the first place.

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Winter Wonderwheels - A Different View on 'Disability'

by Jamie Gane / Dec. 06, 2018

​The Winter Wonderwheels event, as part of the Superhero Series, is the UK’s only disability sports event for everyday Superheroes! They create a really fun, personally challenging environment for those with disabilities without the worry of time or equipment restrictions. Whether you have none, one or two feet, travelling in a wheelchair or flying in a rocket, nothing is impossible - I’m yet to see a rocket though!

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