The running shoe that takes comfort to a whole new level...

First impression?

Well, they’re rather beautiful, aren’t they? I love the contrasting yet complementary colour scheme and if you look super close, the pink stitching almost resembles love hearts. Very cute. They’re definitely the kind of shoe that turns heads – I received many compliments on how they looked at parkrun recently…and I do love my shoes to be the focus of conversations.

How do they perform?

I’ll probably mention this many times throughout this review as it’s so noticeable…these shoes are remarkably comfortable. You can wear them for hours and your feet and legs won’t fatigue. They feel very light when wearing them and have a real springy bounce to help your running form. They’re well-ventilated and well-cushioned, yet responsive. These would be a top choice for a neutral runner. I have quite wide feet and have found that they are true to size with the toe box feeling comfortable.

Technical stuff:


So comfortable and versatile – I’ve been using these shoes to walk around in a lot over the past few weeks and I could literally wear them all day…it makes me think that they’d be great for a long distance run, perhaps a solid marathon shoe!


The ankle seems looser than other running shoes I’ve worn – it’s a strange sensation as I’m so used to my feet feeling like they’re really being hugged by the shoe, but once you’re used to it it’s fine.


I actually love these – I wasn’t really looking to venture into another type of running shoe as I’m pretty happy with my regular rotation of Metaspeed Sky for racing, Gel Nimbus for training and FujiTrabuco Max for trails, but I’ve found myself reaching for the Dynablast 3 over and over again since receiving them. They’re so comfortable no matter whether you wear them for easy miles, tempo runs or interval sessions – and they’re also great on hills as they have a good bounce to them. I think these may be my new favourite shoes!

The DYNABLAST・・「 3 shoe is designed for the fitness enthusiast seeking a comfortable offering for their run or training routine. ・€・A soft, engineered knit improves the shoe's fit, comfort, and breathability. This material is also reinforced wi...

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written by

Victoria Stears

Head of Global Marketing - Sports/Education Sector from London

Age group: 34

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