A soft comfy ride yet still ping of the ground with some speed? That's exactly how the Metaracer feels for me! Here is my review of my favourite racing shoe yet!

I have always been sceptical of racing shoes due to the lightweight feel of them, the majority of them don't have a lot of cushioning or bouncy feel to them, the weight is stripped away and you lose some of the comfort. My legs suffer when they feel very close to the ground if I am running anything over 5K. Not with the Metaracer!

This is the first racing shoe that I have run in that feels comfy and fast at the same time. It was love from the very first step!

My first experience of the Metaracer was a tempo run, so the kind of effort you may maintain over a race towards the end. My previous tempo runs at the same kind of pace my legs were really struggling to turnover in the last couple of minutes, not with the Metaracer. Not only that, it was raining at the time and a lot of racing shoes don't do well with a wet ground due to the less grip needed on the ground but the Metaracer surprised me, I never felt like I lost footing or was slipping, there was enough grip in the shoe even if it does give the impression that there isn't any!

A lot of carbon plated shoes on the market have large amounts of exposed outsole to keep weight down at the expense of durability and traction. The Metaracer's design helps increase the overall durability of the shoe but also helps when conditions aren't the best.

My legs felt less fatigued and I felt like I could hold the pace for a lot longer than planned and the only common denominator was the Metaracer!

With any racing shoes I expect there to be a firm ride, close to the ground so your foot can 'ping' off the floor but with the Metaracer the ride feels spongy but with that ping off the ground as well, it's a tough one to explain but I love it!

These are also one of the best-looking racing shoes I have ever tried, nice bright colours so heads will be turned come race day but not too in your face, so you get style plus speed!


'The fundamental objective of the METARACER ™ shoe is to deliver fast finishing speed. This shoe is designed to help runners stay fresher longer so they have more energy at the back end of the race.

The sole incorporates GUIDESOLE™ technology to increase propulsion, while the carbon plate in the forefoot helps reduce the overall load on the legs.

Designed to improve airflow, the mesh upper is constructed with a lightweight and supportive textile that’s functional for staying cooler in hot and humid conditions.

For competitive athletes hoping to better their performance, the energy savings this shoe provides can assist them in achieving their racing goals'


The Asics MetaRacer is recommended for the runner looking for a race-day shoe that gives you the best of both worlds between a lightweight racing flat and cushioned super foam comfy racer with a carbon plate. I would wear this shoe for anything from 5K to a Marathon!



The METARACER™ Tokyo shoe is made for runners who want the most out of their fast-paced training and racing. Featuring a limited model offering, this iteration is displayed with a Sunrise Red colorway to symbolize and celebr...


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Marcus Sladden

Digital Marketing Manager at NoblePro from Norwich

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Club: City Of Norwich Athletics Club
Coach: Paul Evans

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