Night Track Kit - A must have if you are running in the dark!

A lot of my running is done as the sun goes down, there is minimal light and I'm always wary of being seen especially as I live in a small village and a lot of my running is done on country paths. 

The night track kit collection feels comfortable to run any session in (I've done a speed, tempo and a shorter run in them) so they are a versatile piece of kit! 

I normally would run with fluorescent green kit on, thinking I was more visible which couldn't be further from the truth, you need some reflectivity in there, the night track kit is highly reflective for runner safety, with Katakana illuminating to 300 candle power.

Not only is the night track kit reflective it also feels stylish too and not so shouty to the eyes, but there is also a circular print in the apparel styles inspired Japanese culture and craftsmanship and all-over print graphic panels strategically placed for 360-degree reflectivity.

The night track kit is for runners looking to increase safety on the roads by wearing highly reflective apparel that is fashion-forward, edgy, and trend-setting. The collection was designed knowing night runners enjoy the peace and tranquillity of running in the dark. 

I would recommend this to absolutely any runner

The beauty of this product is that you can also wear it in the day time with that peace of mind you still have slight reflectibility instead of just a bold colour. 


– Moisture-wicking and quick-drying.
– Use of sustainable base material: recycled polyester.
– Both collections are highly reflective for runner safety, with
Katakana illuminating to 300 candle power.


Night track Short Sleeve Top
Night track Jacket
Night track Shorts
Night track Tight

Night track Short Sleeve Top
Night track Jacket
Night track Shorts
Night track Tight

written by

Marcus Sladden

Digital Marketing Manager at NoblePro from Norwich

Age group: Open
Club: City Of Norwich Athletics Club
Coach: Paul Evans

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