Here are some of the benefits I've discovered from running at sunrise...

We’re all friends here so I feel the need to caveat this blog with the fact that my preferred time to run a proper training session is the evening as I can channel the stress of the day into my training and enjoy the results I see from that. However, when I think about my own sense of wellbeing and the holistic benefits running brings me, it’s those early morning sunrise sessions where I feel my mind benefits most and I come away from my run feeling relaxed and with a wholesome kind of happiness and bounce in my stride. I’m sure you know the feeling I’m referring to.

So, let’s harness this thought and explore the benefits of being active by getting up and heading out for a run at sunrise…

So, have I convinced you to lace up for a sunrise run tomorrow morning?

written by

Victoria Stears

Head of Global Marketing - Sports/Education Sector from London

Age group: 34

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