Teamwork. If you look it up in the dictionary, you’ll see that it’s defined as the willingness of a group of people to achieve a common aim. cliche as it may be, teamwork really does make the dream work.

Just as a weight carried by many pairs of hands will feel much lighter than if carried by only one pair, a challenge shared amongst a team will make any activity feel easier, and so much more fun. There’s nothing like the spirit and motivation of team competition, after all. It brings people together. it brings athletes together - 6 of them in this instance, in the form of a running relay.

With everything going on in the world, people have been missing that sense of connection and motivation that teamwork can give you. When the future is so fuzzy, it’s easy to lose your sense of purpose. The solution? ASICS are introducing you to the Japanese running culture in the form of the Ekiden relay, a marathon distance relay in which a team of 6 athletes race as one to complete it.

The Ekiden relay may sound familiar to you, as it’s been going on since 1917. Now, though, ASICS are bringing it to you virtually, bringing people from all over the world to work together as a team and conquer the marathon distance as one. Anybody can take part, and nobody will be running alone. 



Having a team to be accountable to can make all the difference when it comes to consistency. When you have more than just yourself relying on you, you’ll think twice before making excuses that you’re too tired for this session or you’ll just wait until it’s stopped raining. In other instances, you may have had a bad day or be feeling a little bit discouraged, and having teammates to encourage you and talk you out of it is invaluable. Sharing the same goals with your teammates will encourage you all to stay on track, following up with each other regularly.

Team Spirit

No matter how much you love the sport, there will always be those sessions that you don’t look forward to. Be it the post-work long run in the dark or the Tuesday speed session, having a team to face it with not only makes training more bearable, but it makes it more fun. Training with others reduces stress (according to this study). It gives your brain a distraction when the go-and-gets-tough, and sessions will seem to a lot faster.

Friendly competition

The sessions won't just seem faster though. A little friendly competition will have you pushing each other to run faster paces, too. Especially if your team may have more experience or run faster paces than you do - This is called the Kohler Effect. A phenomenon that occurs when a person works harder as a member of a group than when working alone.


Now we’ve covered why teamwork is so great, let’s talk about how you can be a good team member.

In a good team, you’ll never feel alone. You’ll always have a support group, a safety net and friends to have a laugh with. They will motivate you, push you, and make you into a better runner than you could have ever become on your own. We’re all in this together, after all. And together, we’re so much stronger!

written by

Marcus Sladden

Digital Marketing Executive from Norwich

Age group: Open
Club: Bungay Black Dog Running Club
Coach: Self Coached

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