I've lost count of the number of runners telling me they are out of action with PF. ASICS Physio Sarah Connors gives us the low down on her go too rehab program.

This can be split into 3 phases that equate to levels of return to running.

Phase 1 Basics

This comprises of one leg stance balance work and one leg knee bend Calf raises off the ground with 2 feet Progress this to slow holds up and down holding for 2 seconds at 4 intervals on the way up and down.

One leg calf raises Toes on towel and calf raises.

Aiming for 3 sets of 10

This should allow you to start steady running low level not pushing distance or speed

Phase 2 Intermediate

This is where you start progressing the one leg calf raises with holds initially on flat then with weight, using a rucksack with weights in is the best. Then add heel drops off a step, slow then with weight.

Also add heel raises with knee bent Now aiming for sets of 20

This stage allows you to start building a bit of distance, I would also start adding in walking drills

Phase 3 Final stage

This stage has to allow the foot to take off as a rigid lever at speed. Continue with the weighted loading as above on a step and with toes on a towel. Also now needed is dynamic motor control work I.e running drills, walking on toes 2 feet jumps/ bounces Progressing to hopping one foot to the other then forwards and back, side to side Balance work on the Bosu ball, step ups and one leg dips on the Bosu ball

This phase needs to work till fatigue

Once you feel strong enough to hop without reaction now you can start thinking about speed work

Ongoing work is some basic leg strength, squats lunges bridges plus one leg bridges to check both legs still have equal strength and that core is still activating. 

Good Luck

written by

Holly Rush

ASICS UK Frontrunner Community Manager from Bradford on Avon

Age group: 40-45

Club: Avon Valley Runners

Coach: Alan Storey

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