As sequels come, the Tartheredge 2 is spot on. It is a fast and responsive trainer, perfect for getting after those big sessions and races.

The first pair of trainers that I received as part of an ASICS FrontRunner UK kit drop was the Tartheredge. As a racing flat, the Tartheredge was perfect for running fast. In actual fact, I liked the shoe enough to warrant spending some of my own money on a second pair! Having recently received the Tartheredge 2, I thought that I should spend some time reviewing this latest instalment. 

A box fresh pair of the ASICS Tartheredge 2.

In terms of making a comparison to its predecessor, it is probably best to start with "what's new?": 

  1. Improved fitting over the top of the foot
    In comparison to the original, the Tartheredge 2 is a little more forgiving if you have wide feet. While you want racing flats to have a snug fit, the older model did seem a little too snug at times.
  2. New upper mesh 
    The upper construction of the Tartheredge 2 is made from Sandwich MESH fabric. This is designed to improve the airflow around the foot, while improving the fit of the trainer. When you look at the side-by-side image of the two models, this difference is pretty clear. 
  3. Sunrise Red colour option
    Sometimes it is nice to feel fast, even if you're not doing the shoe justice! For me, an orange/red colour achieves this. Perhaps this colour choice will let you win that pre-race battle with your inner chimp too? 
Side profile comparison.

While the new features have improved this pair of trainers, the similarities also speak volumes to the shoes appeal and overall performance. The main similarities are as follows: 

  1. FLYTEFOAM Propel technology 
    This patented midsole material is made to achieve high energy return. When running fast, this allows for an efficient midstance to toe-off transition. This material is also very light and durable.    
  2. DUOSOLE technology
    The DUOSOLE is the outsole of the trainer, made with a two-stage urethane resin design. The sole is flexible and offers excellent grip on road surfaces, even when wet underfoot. This gives you plenty of confidence when taking a corner at speed! 
  3. Lightweight: 184g (6.5oz)
    The Tartheredge 2 weighs in at 184g (6.5oz). This is the same weight as the original Tartheredge, while being lighter compared to similar trainers from competing brands.
The Tartheredge 2 in all its aesthetic glory.

In popular culture, sequels typically pale in comparison to the original. Just think about American Psycho 2 and Jaws 2. Although not a movie, the Tartheredge 2 actually manages to improve on the first instalment, while the similarities allow it to maintain its high quality performance. For a performance shoe without a carbon fibre plate (check out the ASICS METARACER for that!), the Tartheredge 2 is a fantastic starting point for those chasing fast times on the road. 


    The TARTHEREDGE™ 2 running shoe is the complete racing and fast-paced training package. The shoe has been updated with a better fit, especially over the top of the foot. Featuring a new mesh upper, this technology helps keep feet cooler and more...

    written by

    Robert Mann

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow from Exeter

    Club: South West Road Runners / Exeter Triathlon Club
    Coach: Phil Wylie

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