Whether you are running for fitness or performance, aerobic base training should be a key element of your training. Heres why...

Every great athlete will do a form of aerobic base training during their annual training cycle. This element of training forms a key part of a successful program. When we talk about aerobic base training we are normally referring to a phase of training where the primary focus is to development our aerobic fitness, efficiency and conditioning. To put it simply, we are trying to prepare the body for a higher workload later on in the training cycle so that we do not risk injuring ourselves doing something that our bodies are not yet ready for. For runners in particular, this period of time is a perfect opportunity to gradually increase the total run duration and overall weekly mileage.

When you consider a complete training cycle, it makes a lot of sense to thing about each individual phase forming a pyramid, with aerobic training forming the base of that pyramid. As you move up the pyramid we see an increase in intensity. When viewed this way, the wider the base of the pyramid, the higher the eventual peak will be.

During the current climate we find ourselves in, with most races being postponed or cancelled, now is the perfect time to ‘extend’ our aerobic base training cycle and build a bigger ‘base’ to our pyramid, so that when the next phase of our training cycle can begin, we will be well prepared to cope with the demands of increased intensity and more physically taxing workouts, thus resulting in a higher peak.

So what exactly are the benefits of aerobic base training?

Improved Efficiency

Increased Training Volume

Reduced Risk Of Injury

Lower Stress Levels

Hopefully this article has been of some help in guiding you toward a successful aerobic base training phase. With races unlikely to take place until the end of the year, now is the perfect time to extend this period of training and build a huge foundation to your pyramid which will ultimately see you hit a much higher peak later down the line!

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written by

Josh Holman

Coach from Ely

Age group: 25-29

Club: Ely Tri Club

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