• Things scarier than Ironman: Swans, parkrun PB Attempts & Getting Weighed

    by Sarah Booker / Sep. 19, 2023

    So I might have entered an Ironman. Another one. I would tell my husband I did it accidentally but as there are about 20 steps to entering an Ironman online I don’t think he’ll believe me. It’s about as likely as accidentally getting a cat that hates bald men so your husband has to wear a hat indoors for 6 months to stop the stealth attacks … but that’s a story for another time …

  • My guide to women’s foot health

    by Diane Murphy-Weaver / Sep. 17, 2023

    Have you ever found yourself wondering if mens and womens running shoes are actually the same? Well they’re not, and you could be doing your feet a disservice by not sourcing the right shoe for them. Here is my womens’ guide to looking after your running feet….

  • Running into Autumn: How to Prepare for a Seasonal Shift

    by Marcus Sladden / Sep. 14, 2023

    As the long, glorious days of summer gradually give way to the crisp, colorful landscapes of autumn, runners everywhere anticipate the unique joys and challenges that come with the changing season. Running in autumn offers a refreshing break from the sweltering heat, but it also requires some preparation to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. In this blog post, we'll explore how to prepare for autumn as a runner and make the most out of those shorter days!

  • ASICS FrontRunner fun in the sun in Budapest! Our wonderful International Team Meeting 2023

    by Chris Pratt / Sep. 13, 2023

    Annually ASICS invite their FrontRunner team to try their luck in a ballot for much coveted places to the International Team Meeting. This year it was set to coincide with the World Athletics Championship in Budapest offering an incredible opportunity to explore a fabulous city and be inspired by athletes from around the globe competing in the pinnacle of world sport. I put my name in the hat and was incredibly lucky to be selected. Having just returned it’s now time to reflect on how it went..

  • Running (Still) Never Felt Better than in the GEL-NIMBUS™ 25

    by Sally Brider / Sep. 12, 2023

    ASICS launched its “Running Never Felt Better” campaign this month so as it’s now some eight months since the launch of the GEL-NIMBUS™ 25 and six months since I wore them for the Tokyo Marathon what are my thoughts?

  • Crikey! What on Earth Does Menopause Have to do With Our Feet?

    by Karen Guttridge / Sep. 12, 2023

    If you’re a runner approaching perimenopause or going through the menopause then read on. The changes in your body can most definitely impact your feet.

  • Race Report: Ultra X Wales 50K

    by Siân Longthorpe / Sep. 11, 2023

    What better way to test current fitness levels than heading into the Welsh hills? Here's my experience at the recent Ultra X Wales 50K

  • It’s the people that makes the experience #OneTeam

    by Arame Tall / Sep. 08, 2023

    My way of falling in love with a city usually involves both some form of exercising and a great company, and let me tell you that the ASICS international meeting in Budapest, brought both.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of believing in yourself

    by Yiannis Christodoulou / Sep. 07, 2023

    Believing in yourself is very powerful and if you believe in yourself no matter how small or big your goal is, then you are already half way to achieving it.