Our ASICS FrontRunner team members are Ambassadors of Movement. They share their passion for moving, running and creating. They inspire. They motivate. Offline and online. They simply live and love what they are doing: spending most of their freetime being active and moving themselves or others. Does this sound familiar to you?

To join, simply fill in our questionnaire and tell us about yourself and what motivates you.

Being an ASICS FrontRunner - What’s in it for me?

Besides belonging to a team and sharing the same passion for movement, there are plenty of additional advantages to being an ASICS FrontRunner, including:

  • Exclusive access to our international ASICS FrontRunner community

  • Free seasonal supply of exclusive ASICS FrontRunner running clothing and footwear

  • Free participation at ASICS events

  • Chance to take part in International ASICS FrontRunner training camps

  • Exclusive photo shoots

  • Exclusive event access

  • Free bib numbers for selected ASICS races worldwide

  • Meet our top athletes

  • Advice from ASICS FrontRunner experts and professionals

  • ASICS FrontRunner community meetings (which are always fun)

  • Chance to be featured in our brand campaigns and PR stories

  • Product tests (in many cases pre-launch product)

  • Loads of motivation and reasons to move

How long will I be part of the team?

Our goal is to motivate you to remain part of the team for the long term. We’re happy to say that many of our members have been part of the ASICS FrontRunner family for years. To ensure everyone is living the movement, interacting with the community and still wants to be part of the team, we check all memberships at the end of each year. In cases of disinterest in the community or in being an ASICS FrontRunner, or no participation in races or events (except in case of injury), we unfortunately need to suspend membership.

What commitments are there?

We would like to see our ASICS FrontRunner members proud of who and what they are. We’d like to see that pride to be shared on social media and during events and competitions. You should be a fan of our brand: wear, test and – if you like them – recommend our products. Join team events at least twice per year and interact and exchange with the team on and offline.
Represent ASICS and the “sound mind, sound body” concept as one of our “Ambassadors of Movement” in the ASICS FrontRunner team and help to inspire and motivate the running and fitness community. Show an interest in producing texts, images or videos about the items/products you are loving the most.
Spending your free time doing sports is definitely desired and stands the chance to be featured on ASICS channels all over the world.

Can i have additional sponsors?

You can have other sponsors as long as they are not a direct competitor of ASICS. By applying to join our team we assume you don’t have any other supplier as a sponsor. In case you do already work with another supplier, please let us know.