Introducing ‘Mind Games - The Experiment’. In this unique experiment, four world-class gamers, in Esports, Chess, Mahjong and Memory Games, take on regular exercise to improve their rankings on the international stage.

Early in 2022, ASICS invited inactive mind gamers from around the world to start exercising. From chess to mahjong players, Esports players to memory experts, all participants relied on brainpower to compete in their chosen mind sports. However, all were largely inactive, exercising for less than 30 minutes a week.​ Could boosting their exercise levels boost their brainpower?​

Over 16 weeks, each ​mind gamer followed an exercise programme designed by international coach, Andrew Kastor. The impact of the exercise programme on the participant’s mental performance was measured by Professor Brendon Stubbs, a renowned researcher in movement and the mind.

mind games
The results were staggering. Participants’ international gaming rankings improved by an incredible 75% and cognitive function was boosted on average by 10%. Group confidence levels increased by 44%, concentration improved by 33% and anxiety levels plummeted by 43%. The research shows exercise can be as effective at boosting brain function as learning a second language, daily reading, playing a new musical instrument or completing a puzzle every day.

Inspired by the experiment, a camera crew followed four competitive gamers as they took on regular exercise to improve their rankings on the international stage. The result is the ‘Mind Games – The Experiment’ documentary, narrated by Stephen Fry and streaming on Prime Video.