Becca B

Envrionmental Research from London

My Disciplines
Ultra marathon Half marathon Marathon Olympic distance triathlon Swim run 10 KM
Obstacle race Triathlon Trail run Fitness Strength training

About me

I'm Becca and I'm a Lancashire lass living in London.I returned to running in May 2016 to deal with a stressful time in my life, and I've never looked back! I'm grateful for the challenges, friendships and adventures running brings and I love to get outside and get moving. I love doing absolutely anything and everything from parkrun to triathlon, and i enjoy combining my passion for the environment with my running. Life is an adventure to be enjoyed to the fullest.

My biggest achievements

I completed the London Classics all within 5 months. This included the London Marathon in April 2018, Ride London 100 mile cycle in July 2018 and Swim Serpentine 2 mile swim in September 2018. Prior to 2018 I had never run a marathon, I had never ridden a road bike and I had a fear open water. One major personal achievement in my life is battling with obesity and body image. I've lost a third of my bodyweight and i'm happier and healthier than i've ever been.

My personal records

Record 10KM


Record Half marathon


Record Marathon


Record 54 miles


My blog posts

My next goals and projects

I'm working towards my 7th marathon in April, I'll be racing Manchester Marathon and aiming for a sub4 time once again! Beyond that I want to enjoy running and travelling, I love being outdoors and exploring new places.

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Recent and upcoming events

Date Event Discipline Age group Time
05.02.2017 Mad Dog 10K 10K 48:50:00
14.05.2017 Worden Park 10k 10K Approx 48mins
21.05.2017 Crazy Cow 10K Approx 48mins
29.05.2017 London 10,000 10K Approx 50mins
25.06.2017 Swansea Half Marathon Half Marathon 1:55:58
24.09.2017 Ealing Half Marathon Half Marathon 1:54:48
30.09.2017 Bear Grylls Survival Race OCR Finished and had an absolute blast
08.10.2017 West Coast Half Marathon Half Marathon 1:49:15
22.10.2017 Cancer Research Tough 10 10k Trail I didn't run for a time, I ran for the experience!
04.02.2018 Mad dog 10K 10k Road 00:47:29
24.02.2018 Lee Valley Velopark Half Marathon Half Marathon 1:45:28
31.03.2018 Victoria Park half marathon half marathon 1:43:29
22.04.2018 London Marathon Marathon 4:40:06
20.05.2018 Hackney Half half marathon Paced a friend to 2 hours
01.07.2018 Southport half half marathon Things went VERY wrong!
28.07.2018 Ride London 100 Cycling Finished and ate a lot of clif bars along the way
10.08.2018 London Aquathlon Swim/ Run I want to say 32 minutes! It was all a blur
16.09.2018 London Duathlon Run/Bike/Run 1:56:04
14.10.2018 Palma 10k 10k Finished, but not too sure of the time, was focusing on ice cream
28.10.2018 Dublin Marathon Marathon 4:26:04
26.12.2018 Boxing Day 10k 10k Paced a friend to 55 minutes
08.01.2019 RunThrough 10k 10k First run back after illness approx 56mins
27.01.2019 GoTri Super Sprint Duathlon Run Bike Run 35:29
03.02.2019 MadDog 10K 10K 48:40
10.02.2019 East London Half Half Marathon Pacer 2:10:23
24.02.2019 GoTri Sprint Duathlon Run Bike Run 1:08:08
10.03.2019 The Big Half Half Marathon 1:57
13.03.2019 Runthrough Chase the Moon 10km 47:58
16.03.2019 Dunedin 5km Florida 5km Top Female Finisher
24.03.2019 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 5 miles 49:49
07.04.2019 Manchester Marathon Marathon 03:59:00
19.05.2019 Hackney Half Half marathon 1:55:06
26.05.2019 Liverpool Marathon and Run Fit Expo Marathon 4:04:23
01.06.2019 Mountain Training Week- Albera Expeditions Pyrenees Mountain running
22.06.2019 Race to the King Ultra Marathon 54 Miles 13:12:46
14.07.2019 XLETIX 19km OCR Munich OCR Verrrrrrrryyyy muddy
28.07.2019 London Triathlon Olympic Distance Triathlon 3:03:41
04.08.2019 Ride London 100 mile cycle 7:32
17.08.2019 London Aquathlon Swim 400m Run 5k 35 minutes (ish)
08.09.2019 London Duathlon Run Bike Run
15.09.2019 Dorney Lake Season Finale Olympic Distance Triathlon 3:14:07
21.09.2019 Swim Serpentine 2 mile swim
21.09.2019 Swim Serpentine 2 miles open water swim 1:13:31
06.12.2019 Run Barbados Marathon Weekend- Signia Globe 1 Mile Fun Run Mile in 30 degree heat! 7:51
07.12.2019 Run Barbados Marathon Weekend- Cave Shepherd VISA Credit Card 5KM Race 5km
08.12.2019 Run Barbados Marathon Weekend- Fortress Half Marathon Half Marathon

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