Harry Corfield

Storeman from Chester

Age group: SEN

My Disciplines
Half marathon Ultra marathon Trail run Ultra trail run 10 KM Marathon

About me

Like a lot of people I started running from nothing, I’d never been interested in sport, never followed any teams, it was quite simply not for me. But I’m not going to lie I have been running for years now on and off, yet hitting 16 stone was the last straw for me. I started running...again & this time it was for good! Months passed and the weight was just dropping off from running and eating healthy so I became addicted and the love for running grew and grew

My biggest achievements

Definitely loosing 7 stone, it was meant to be a 2 year goal but that turned into a 1 year goal I never expected it to drop off so fast but a combination of a healthy diet and running made easy work of loosing the weight. Adding to that I also managed to complete my first Marathon which was something I Never would have believed I could have achieved!

My personal records

Record 10KM


Record Half marathon


Record Marathon


Record 5 Mile


My next goals and projects

Currently I’m still rehabbing and recovering from an ankle operation that’s set to help me get back to running at the level I want. That level being good the ability to go out and just simply enjoy every form of running. Whilst it heals the first part of the journey will be slowly build up the volume of running. Eventually the sim is to get back to where I finished, Long distance trail running or you might know it as Ultra Running!

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Recent and upcoming events

Date Event Discipline Age group Time
21.05.2017 ESSAR Chester Half Marathon Road SEN 02:14:36
08.10.2017 MBNA Chester Marathon Road SEN 04:10:02
21.01.2018 Helsby Four Villages Half Marathon Road SEN 01:30:29
25.02.2018 Wrexham Half Marathon Road SEN 01:23:45
25.03.2018 Liverpool Half Marathon(SHORT12.9) Road SEN 01:19:25
08.04.2018 ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon Road SEN 03:00:12
29.04.2018 Chester Half Marathon Road SEN 01:22:33
05.05.2018 BigRock 10K Road SEN 00:36:05
06.05.2018 Tatton Park 10K Road SEN 00:36:45
16.05.2018 Stone 5 Road SEN 00:30:56
01.07.2018 Southport Half Marathon ROAD SEN 01:20:21
15.07.2018 British 10K Road SEN 00:36:07
15.08.2018 Leeds 5K ROAD SEN 00:17:31
02.09.2018 Cardiff 10K ROAD SEN 00:35:52
09.09.2018 Great North Run ROAD SEN 01:25:46
23.09.2018 Southport Seaside 10K ROAD SEN 00:36:16
07.10.2018 Oxford Half Marathon ROAD SEN 01:21:11
14.10.2018 Manchester Half Marathon ROAD SEN 1:18:16
10.11.2018 Off The Tarmac 50K TRAIL SEN 04:39:16
20.01.2019 ASICS Four Villages Half Marathon ROAD SEN 01:26:30
10.03.2019 Barcelona Marathon ROAD SEN 03:18:30
24.03.2019 Merthyr Half Marathon ROAD SEN 01:34:01
07.04.2019 ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon(PACER) ROAD SEN 03:40:54
21.09.2019 Ragnar White Cliffs Relay MULTI SEN 20:00:00

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