Geoff Ridout

Fire Officer from Birmingham

Age group: 40-44

Club: No

My Disciplines
Ultra trail run Obstacle race Marathon

About me

What can I say, I just love to run. I can remember the first time I ran 10km, it took 1 hour and I thought I was going to die at the end of it. I didn't think I'd ever be able to go further or faster. I also thought this at the end of my first Half Marathon and at the end of my first Marathon. I have ventured into the world of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) and have completed 20 Tough Mudders and two 8hr events. I like to to push myself to see how far I can go.

My biggest achievements

The realisation that setting your mind to something and believing in yourself you can achieve anything. I have gone from initially thinking I'd never be able to do a marathon to completing 13 of them and improving my time from 4:24 to 3:08. I know PB times are only relevant to me but I always tell people of the mindset. Don't be afraid to try something, if you think you can't then give it a go anyway.

My personal records

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My next goals and projects

To continue to push myself to see how far I can really go. The dream is to complete the 'Big 6' World Marathon Majors, I have completed 2 so far at London and Chicago. Hopefully I have a fast enough Boston Qualifying time, I'll be trying to take some more time off it in Sept ready for when Boston 2023 registration opens.

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Recent and upcoming events

Date Event Discipline Age group Time
24.10.2010 Birmingham Half Marathon Half Marathon 40-44 02:00:35
23.10.2011 Birmingham Half Marathon Half Marathon 40-44 02:02:49
02.03.2014 Silverstone Half Marathon Half Marathon 40-44 01:40:44
10.04.2016 ASICS Manchester Marathon Marathon 40-44 04:17:58
11.03.2017 Relentless Suffering 21.9 miles OCR 40-44 07:54:53
02.04.2017 ASICS Manchester Marathon Marathon 40-44 04:24:47
13.05.2017 Europes Toughest Mudder 29.6 miles 8hr OCR Midnight - 8am 40-44 07:52:04
15.10.2017 Birmingham International Marathon Marathon 40-44 04:13:14
06.01.2018 Fan Dance Black Edition (Day) 14.3 miles Clean Fatigue over Pen Y Fan 40-44 03:32:35
06.01.2018 Fan Dance Black Edition (Night) 10.45 miles Clean Fatigue over Pen Y Fan 40-44 03:48:04
08.04.2018 ASICS Manchester Marathon Marathon 40-44 03:34:03
26.08.2018 Hardloopevent Harmelen 5km 40-44 24:07
03.11.2018 Poppy Run 5km 40-44 21:14
25.11.2018 Florence Marathon Marathon 40-44 3:45:05
28.04.2019 London Marathon Marathon 40-44 3:28:06
18.05.2019 Tough Mudder OCR 40-44 Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge
21.07.2019 ASICS London 10k 10km Pacing 45:00 40-44 44:53
13.10.2019 Chicago Marathon Marathon 40-44 3:13:52
12.01.2020 Draycote Water 10km 40-44 40:43
09.02.2020 Newbury Half Marathon 40-44 1:31:50
01.03.2020 Vitality Big Half Half Marathon 40-44 1:28:20
04.10.2020 Virtual London Marathon Marathon 40-44 3:20:57
27.06.2021 Milton Keynes Marathon Marathon 40-44 3:38:10
25.07.2021 London 10k 10km 40-44 49:40
08.10.2021 Atlantic Coast Challenge 80 miles Multi day Ultra 40-44 18:24:38
16.01.2022 Rasselbock Run 6hr Trail race (27.6 miles completed) 40-44 4:08:22
13.02.2022 Goodwood Marathon 40-44 3:08:22
18.04.2022 Boston (UK) Marathon 40-44 3:25:33
10.07.2022 ASICS London 10k 10km 40-44
18.09.2022 Dam tot Damloop 10 Miles 40-44 Upcoming
02.07.2023 Ironman UK Triathlon 40-44 Upcoming

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